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2 September 2011

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Any project activity or short term initiative is guided by time value; whether it is done in terms of completion of the project or whether it is measured in terms of tracking the project’s progress, time is definitely a valuable consideration. Since every professional procedure is marked by a deadline, we strive to achieve the targeted performance before the time limit with enhanced quality. We can also say that any job is target oriented in some way or the other as the employee is given particular hours to complete the assigned work successfully and make it a habit to do it before time and avoid any kind of laxity. TimePunch 1.92.2513.0 is an application that effectively facilitates tracking timeline activities and enables measuring of any breaks in between.

TimePunch opens with a neatly arranged interface with the main options placed at the top panel and main screen displaying the schedule in a spreadsheet like interface and also includes the calendar facility along with the facility of exporting the details to any other office format like Excel, CSV or HTML. It also contains a fast project switching via tray icon and even records the working time on the system and logs it automatically facilitating easy management. Further, it also administers vacation and sick time along with highlighting automatic holiday calculation for countries like UK, USA and Austria and Germany and exports to different formats too for maintaining database. The program also helps in managing and administering co-workers and monitoring their work done on the PCs and evaluating the duration of break times as well.

To sum up, TimePunch assures effective performance for its time evaluating techniques and features; however too many of similar kind applications exist in the market and hence it gets a rating score of three points.

Publisher's description

Time recording and tracking of work time at the PC. Export to Microsoft Excel. Very fast project switching via Tray Icon. Working time at the PC is logged automatically and can be managed comfortably. Additional administration of vacation, illness, overtime etc.. The highlights: - automatic holiday computation for USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria - export to Microsoft Excel. - common use of a data base, for the administration of several coworkers. - tracking/monitoring working time at the PC, inclusive evaluation of break times.- very fast project change over the Tray Icon.
Version 1.96.502
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